Tiny Realms 1.12.0 Available Now!

Multiplayer Battlegrounds Now you attack real players of opposing factions in Battlegrounds where an eternal war rages between the Humans, Tegu and Dwarves. Every battle counts: […]

New Magic Defense Buildings!

  Some say that Defense Wins Championships and we at TMG couldn't agree more! That's why with this new update we've added some powerful defensive tools […]

Tiny Realms – More Strategy! New Update featuring Bastion Intelligence

  Another week, another exciting update from the Team at TinyMob Games! Ever since we introduced Bastion troops to help defend your realm, Tiny Realms players […]

Tiny Realms Update – Advanced Strategy Game Features

Tiny Realms is already the leader in advanced strategy features in the mobile strategy game genre and we have plans to add even more depth for […]

The World of Tiny Realms According to Blazeroth

Every community needs its champion. With Tiny Realms, that champion is a young man who goes by the moniker, Blazeroth or Blaze for short. Blazeroth is […]