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The World of Tiny Realms: Mura’ Gar

In the world of Tiny Realms, Mura' Gar is the region occupied by the reptilian race known as the Tegu and the location of Tegu Kingdom […]
The World of Tiny Realms

The World of Tiny Realms – ICEMOOR

This is the second in a series of blog posts that is mean to highlight a key region in the Realm of Light in our upcoming […]
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Explore Tiny Realms – The Realm of Light – IRONVALE

If you choose to play our upcoming iOS game for iPhones and Ipads, Tiny Realms, as the Humans, you'll likely call Ironvale, "Home." It's the center […]

The World of TINY REALMS – The Realm of Light

Hi, I'm Eric from TinyMob Games. We're hard at work creating Tiny Realms, our first ever game. We'll be releasing it later in the spring and […]