The Characters of Tiny Realms – Bhaldrus Steelshaper

Some say "It's a poor craftsman who blames his tools." You'd never catch Dwarven smithy, Bhaldrus Steelshaper saying such a thing as he only uses the […]

Characters of Tiny Realms – Galdahr Irongut

Be careful what you say in the Realm of Light, because you never know who's listening. Character: Galdahr Irongut Faction: Dwarf Favorite Quote: "I'm just a […]

Characters of Tiny Realms: Thydrum Leadblade

Dwarf culture is a warrior culture, but it must be said that above all, Dwarves value honour. This is the seventh in a series of Tiny Realms […]

Meet the Characters of Tiny Realms: Ursa Wildtamer

Dwarf women have always been known known for their ferocity, intelligence and strength. Strange then that it wasn't until the past decade that they were accepted […]

Characters of Tiny Realms – Isembard the Wanderer

If the roads of the Realm of Light could talk, they'd have a lot of stories about old Isembard the Wanderer. If you find yourself in […]