It’s finally here. We at TinyMob Games are delighted to announce that today marks the worldwide launch of Tiny Realms. Now fans of fantasy real-time strategy the world over can download and play Tiny Realms from their local Apple App Store. Before you read any further, go and download Tiny Realms now! To celebrate the launch we’re also revealing our major new feature: Battlegrounds. *Dum-dum-dummm!* Until today our fans have been battling it out in the Realm of Light as individuals against other players in our player-versus-player multiplayer or exploring solo adventures in Quest mode. bg_map_no_hud_small Battlegrounds changes all that and adds another massive, completely unique dimension to Tiny Realms that is unavailable in any other mobile game. Players can now fight as their favourite faction in real-time and collaborate with other players towards a goal of total global domination. Humans, Dwarves and Tegu clash in an epic ongoing struggle as players from all around the world engage in total war within the Realm of Light. Every day players will come together to challenge for strategically important areas of the Realm of Light. The top players who earn the most points will be recognised as Champions of their faction and convene in a virtual war council to direct the next concerted attack for all their faction allies. Different areas of the Realm of Light are given different levels of importance and significance. Not only is each faction looking to increase its territory but they must also be responsible for defending their capital cities and homelands. Furthermore, capturing and holding onto key strategic points is a central part of your faction’s success. Summon Gates throughout the Realm of Light enable all the players within your faction to rapidly launch attacks in new remote areas or reinforce beleaguered allies quickly. There are also special resource tiles that, when captured will boost the gold or ironite production in the home realms of you and your faction comrades for the duration of their occupation.

Players should pay close attention to the map itself. The very type of landscape players find themselves battling over may convey bonuses to your faction, making it easier or more difficult to win and hold the territory. Dwarves receive a combat bonus in their native mountains, Humans and their machines excel at combat on the open plains and Tegu are more likely to outsmart enemies when fighting within swampland. However, the combinations of terrain types with their advantages and disadvantages per faction go much deeper with high-ground and neutral forests adding even more depth to your strategic decisions. We’re so excited for you to see how our original vision for Tiny Realm has come together to truly deliver completely unique strategy gameplay on mobile. Please dive in start exploring this new, dynamic world. Send us your feedback and send your factions your troops! #TeguForever #HumansPrevail #DwarfHonor

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