Win 500 Crystals by Correctly Naming this New Building

Last week we had a small informal challenge to name and identify this mysterious new building that has recently been discovered in a Human realm. Hacking away the vines that had been covering it revealed a pyramid like structure that bore the markings of the ancient race of Summoners. However, so far no Tiny Realmers have been able to correctly name the structure so we're upping the stakes. Now you can win 500 Crystals if you are able to correctly name the building. Below you'll find the entry process and we'll give you another week to try and guess it's mysterious purpose. All you need to do is submit your answer and your in-game name (so we can award you the Crystals if you're lucky enough to win) and we'll announce a winner next week. Good luck.
Tiny Realms Mysterious New Building

Correctly guess the name and function of the building to win 500 Crystals.

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  1. The pyramid or the tomb ?

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