Good news! The latest version of Tiny Realms is out now. If you haven’t checked this game then what are you waiting for? Go and download this game and enjoy.

The new features of games like more advanced weapons, warriors, new maps, and places where you can fight wars. So make your throne and rule the whole empire now.

What are the GPU and Motherboard Requirements?

You will need a good gaming GPU to play this game. You can not play this game on any ordinary device. The pixel is so high that’s why you need to use a graphics card for this gameplay.

Also, if you have the best gaming motherboard, that would be a good thing. You can use that motherboard to install the GPU and play this game without any lags and hiccups.

What’s New in Tiny Realms?

There are many new things in the latest version. You can fight with your opponents in a warzone and there will be new guns, weapons, and much more. You have to fight for your empire and save your people.

  • Legendary weapons
  • Automatic machine guns
  • Swords
  • Tanks

So you can use these weapons to conquer your empire.

What are New Characters?

There are plenty of new characters that you can choose from. You can battle against humans and aliens. There are other species as well.

The battle is between humans, Tegu, and Dwarve so you can understand how much adventure and thrill you are going to have.

How to Play?

You first need to download the game from the play store or Apple store. Then you can install the game on your mobile and then you can play the game.

The story of the game is pretty much the same as Clash of Clans. You need to build your empire and save it from Tegu and Dwarve they are ready to attack your kingdom at any time. They are very powerful and they are building their army to defeat you.

Now you have to be prepared for their attacks and you need to protect your people. Start making your army and train other ordinary people so they can fight on the battleground.

Once you are ready to fight, you can send your army troops in order to protect the kingdom from attacks. Now your gaming skills will help you to fight with these Tegu and Dwarve.